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What This Blog Is About

Hi, I’m Cam, a senior at Texas State University and this is a blog that I am doing for my Mass Communications 4381 class! In this blog I will be giving a sneak peak at what I do for work as well as some tips for starting and running your own small business.

I got started in brand strategy, design, and management about two years ago in 2019 when my mom started her own bookkeeping business and asked me to help with her logo and website design and business launch. In 2020 a friend of mine who owns a craft store with her mother in law hired me to be their social media manager for a few months. Since then my client list has grown and I’ve even been contracted out with a couple of marketing companies around New Braunfels.

Cam Fowler Designs Original Logo

In November of 2020 I finally decided to officially start Cam Fowler Designs. I started with some logo designs, Facebook, Instagram, and a website and filed my business with the state as a sole proprietorship. After working with this branding for a bit and learning more about design and the industry I decided to start rebranding my own business and building out my back end processes better.

Cam Fowler Designs New Logo

After successfully launching CFD and operating for about 9 months there is a lot that I have learned on the job and will be sharing in this blog. For example, my next post will be about social media and if it is really the best way for new small businesses to grow quickly.

One of the reasons why I chose to combine work and school for this project is time management and easy content creation. I have a lot of micro-blog posts on Instagram but am looking to expand my value-driven content into long-form blogging.

With this blog I also hope to explore some different aspects of the industry and show my findings in new posts. One of the reasons why I’ve become successful quickly is because I believe in the importance of research and that people never truly stop learning if they want to be great. I am glad to have this opportunity to demonstrate this to people who may be curious about what it means to work in branding and social media.

Photo Credits: Cam Fowler Designs

Don’t forget to follow my blog and maybe even check out my business website to find out more about me!

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