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Transferring My School Blog

Hey y'all! So I started a blog for a class and the topic of the blog was what I do for work. Because of this genius use of doubling up content use I am transferring over almost all of my blog posts to my official Cam Fowler Designs website (which is what you are reading right now).

I had originally planned to do this at the end of the semester but realized that it would be better to go ahead and set up this blog before the end of the semester so I can transition more smoothly once the class is over. If you are here because of the class let me know in the comments below!

I will be continuing the blog after the semester is over so please subscribe to get more great tips about social media, small business ownership, graphic design, and branding! And if you have any questions you want me to address in a future blog post let me know! You can submit questions and blog post topics that you want me to cover on the Contact page here.

I look forward to creating new posts and hearing from readers!

Note: All preceding blog posts are from the WordPress site I had for my class.

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